Lebanese Military Crushing Islamic State Position In All Out Offensive

first published on August 25, 2017 by

An Islamic State position gets slammed by members of the Lebanese military in an all out offensive. Here is the unedited footage.

In a recent release from the official YouTube page of the Lebanese Army, an all out offensive against the Islamic State takes place. The position is quickly dominated and overrun by the superior training and firepower of the Lebanese forces. This could be the recent attack in the Ras Baalbek area in the country’s northeast that forced the full blown retreat of the Islamic State from the Lebanon-Syria border.

According to the Jerusalem Post, reports have been coming in of the surviving Islamic State fighters begging Hezbollah and the Syrian Army to allow them to retreat unimpeded to the eastern province of Deir al-Zo. It’s unclear if that will happen at this time, but the chances are not good as Hezbollah and the Syrian Army have been working in concert with Lebanon to eliminate members of the Islamic State conducting operations in that area.


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