Portuguese Paratroopers Firefight Footage From Central African Republic

first published on February 3, 2020 by

Footage of Portuguese Army 2nd Battalion Paratroopers shows heavy fighting against rebels in the Central African Republic.

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The roughly 200 Portuguese paratroopers are there as part of the UN MINUSCA peacekeeping mission to stabilize the conflict region. Although UN peacekeepers are often written off as a “standby and do nothing” force, the Portuguese have actually taken an extremely aggressive, offensive approach and are having a significantly positive impact in the mission. In fact, their aggressive operating procedures are now being used as a template for the UN mission in Mali and other areas.

The Central African Republic mission is Portugal’s first combat operation since the mid 1970’s, and so far it has been a success.

“Our experience in the CAR has validated our training and tactics. We knew our training would be valuable in combat and our operations have been a success,” said Admiral Antonio Manuel Fernandes da Silva Riveiro, Chief of Staff of the Portuguese Armed Forces.