Jihadists Get Pinned Down And Airstruck During Poorly Planned Assault

first published on March 16, 2017 by

Syrian rebels conduct a poorly planned daylight raid on foot across open ground toward a Syrian regime fighting position. As soon as they are noticed, accurate small arms fire comes ripping through their ranks as evidenced by the snaps, whizzes, and zings of near misses and ricochets.

Eventually, some of the maneuver element makes it to building structure, but they are again targeted by very accurate fire. They lay on the ground looking around at each other like, “Now what?” Perhaps they hadn’t intended on making it that far, or maybe they didn’t expect such stiff resistance.

Seconds later, an airstrikes hammers their position, most likely killing some of their off-screen buddies. The cameraman himself sustains a nasty wound to the leg. He has applied a useless, non functional tourniquet, and flies can be seen feasting on the blood socking through his pants.

The jihadists are left with no other option than to retreat. As they video ends, the bomber aircraft can be seen flying across the sky. Strangely, it almost looks like an American B-1 Lancer, although it most likely isn’t. Any guesses on what aircraft it could be?


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