Polish Special Forces 2018 GROM / JWK / FORMOZA / AGAT / NIL

first published on February 26, 2018 by

The various Polish Special Forces teams have recently been unified under a single command. Previously the units were divided between the Polish Armed Forces General Command Special Forces Inspectorate and the Special Forces Component Command. Let’s do a brief breakdown of the units.

GROM: Poland’s most well-known counter-terrorism unit. Most elite, their version of “Delta Force.” GROM trains with the best special operation units from around the world. Participated in OIF, OEF, and the current fight against ISIS.

JW Kamandosow (JWK): Comparable to US Green Berets in their extremely varied skill set, JWK is capable of direct action raids, asymmetrical warfare, embedding with, training, and leading host nation forces, as well as counter insurgency operations.

FORMOZA: Few in numbers. Originated from the Polish Navy. Created as a maritime sabotage unit in the 1970’s. Works closely with GROM and JWK. Often referred to as SEALs.

AGAT: Name means “anti gestapo” in honor of a WWII Polish resistance sabotage organization. Advanced infantry. Poland’s version of the US Army Rangers. Relatively new, stood up in 2011.

NIL: Unique capabilities including human and signal intelligence analysis and development. Geospatial and imagery analysis, electronic warfare, technical surveillance, and likely unmanned aircraft operations. Command and control. Logistics.