Policeman Saves Lives By Bear-Hugging IS Suicide Bomber

first published on November 19, 2017 by

Afghan Police Lieutenant Sayed Basar Pacha gave his life to save hundreds more on Thursday afternoon when he stopped an IS suicide bomber from breaching a secure area filled with important politicians and military officers in Kabul.


As the suicide bomber neared the perimeter, the suspect instantly caught Lt. Pacha’s eye. He verbally called on the suspect to halt, but the bomber began sprinting toward the meeting hall. Pacha knew he had to do something and ran to intercept the suspect. He wrapped up the bomber, stopping the advance. At that point, the IS suicide bomber detonated the device.

Several more police and civilians were killed and wounded in the attack. However, had the bomber been aloud to enter the meeting area, the number of casualties would have been many times greater.

Lt. Pacha’s death was a great loss for the entire nation of Afghanistan. He was a well-educated young man (two bachelor degrees), driven by his future goals of becoming a general and a politician that wanted to turn Afghanistan around.

Friends and family were deeply saddened by Lt. Pacha’s death. Yet, not a single person that knew him was surprised that Pacha bravely intercepted a suicide bomber, giving his life to save many others.


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