3 Robbers On Motorcycle Collide Head-On With Police Truck

first published on December 6, 2019 by

A video reportedly out of San Martin, Argentina, shows three violent thieves receiving brutal street justice as they are sent flying from their motorcycle after a head-on collision with a police truck.

police truck

A series of spliced security camera footage clips shows the incident from start to finish. Three suspects get off a single motorbike and begin assaulting a random pedestrian. They steal his bag and punch him multiple times.

They then mount the motorcycle and attempt to escape, but the local police are already in pursuit. The bike of bandits recklessly swerves in and out of traffic, but they cannot escape.

The video ends as a police truck comes into frame in front of the fleeing criminals. They’re unable to avoid the vehicle and smash head-on. The collision sends them into the air and their bike shatters.

Their hang-time is impressive. One of the biker bandits lands directly on his head. Reportedly, only one of the perpetrators died in the incident. It’s likely that the other two will be taking an indefinite break from violent crime.