Police Sniper Drops Criminal Using Hostage As Human Shield

first published on December 10, 2016 by

A video from 2014 shows a hostage situation end rapidly as a Denver Police sniper drops the suspect with a single shot.

police sniper

Denver police responded to a call of a suspicious person inside a 7-11 convenience store. When they arrived, a 34 year old man, freshly released from prison, took four people hostage, and the half hour standoff with the police began. The suspect called his parents and told him that he would not be going back to prison, where he had served ten years prior.

The hostage negotiators were able to coax the man outside, but he was using an older woman as a human shield. Fearing that he would bring the woman back into the store, prolonging the ordeal, a police marksman shot the suspect in the neck, dropping him instantly.

The suspect died three days later of his wounds. No other people, including the hostages were injured during the event.


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