FARC IEDs Destroy Entire Columbian Police Motorcycle Patrol

first published on December 4, 2016 by

An entire patrol of Columbian Motorcycle Police are annihilated by a chain of Improvised Explosive Devices. This is why changing your route is important.

Being unpredictable in any conflict is paramount. Use of the same routes over, and over again, will inevitably lead to the destruction and death of entire units. Be that means of destruction through the enemy preparing ambush positions along the route, or emplacing large chains of improvised explosives. Unpredictability is a must.

The old saying “Complacency Kills,” is true. It’s proven in the video below. Judging by the way the IEDs are set up, this is a heavily used route by the group of Police Officers who were ambushed, and their enemy exploited their weakness.


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