Police Involvement Suspected In Tactically Precise High Profile Kidnapping

first published on April 12, 2019 by

Police involvement is being suspected in a brazen, high profile kidnapping that occurred inside an upscale hotel restaurant in Sta. Rosa City, Laguna, Philippines earlier this month.

police involvement

Around 15 masked men with rifles and full tactical kit abducted Allan Fajardo, a former aide of assassinated Tanauan, Batangas Mayor Antonio Halili. Fajardo’s assistant was kidnapped as well.

The CCTV footage shows not only tactical gear, but tactical know-how as well. The armed men dismount the white van and immediately assume 360 degree security while they disarm the security guards. As they burst into the hotel, members of the entry team immediately assume points of domination to control the room.

Then, as they bring the victims back to the vehicles, they fan out with security and then professionally peal back to recover, making sure not to flag their buddies.

This level of tactical precision has many questioning if police were involved. Fajardo had been the target of police harassment previously, as his house had been raided by authorities for alleged unlicensed firearms. However, the charges were dropped and the weapons were returned after he provided the necessary documentation.


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