Poland Wants To Build “Fort Trump” And Mattis Is Considering It

first published on November 16, 2018 by

Poland has offered to spend $2 billion toward building a permanent US military base within its borders, and the possible installation is informally being called “Fort Trump.”

fort trump

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis met with Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak earlier this week to discuss Poland’s offer for the permanent base that would be run by US troops and house their families as well.

Among the European allies, Poland has proven itself to be serious in matters of national defense. They have continued to maintain tight border policies in the face of the undocumented Middle Eastern migrant swarms. Additionally, Poland has met its NATO spending contribution expectations, unlike Germany and other allied nations.

“We are working out the details on what the offer is, what can best contribute to alliance unity, to alliance security and to the continued strengthening of the bilateral relationship,” Mattis said in regards to the proposed Fort Trump.

The matter will have to be discussed with the rest of NATO, of course, and will undoubtedly face many political hurtles if the decision to move forward is made.

“We strongly appreciate the U.S. forces’ presence in Poland, strengthening deterrence and defense of Poland and the whole NATO alliance,” Polish Interior Minister Blaszczak said, “I hope it will transform in the coming years into an even more robust and long-term commitment.”

The following video shows a “kill house” joint training exercise between US and Polish special operations troops.


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