PMC Uses Barrett M107 To Fight Insurgents During Ambush

first published on March 13, 2016 by

A private military contractor engages insurgents from his vehicle with the Barrett M107 50 caliber sniper rifle during an ambush.

Sometimes you just need to lay the hate. For those instances, the Barrett M107 50 caliber sniper rifle is an obvious choice.

It’s a rifle built with the specific purpose of reaching out, and tearing someones face off… well not really. It’s an anti material rifle that’s legally intended to destroy enemy equipment. So if that enemy happens to be wearing a sweet set of Oakley M-Frames… the M107 is the perfect choice.

It’s not often that you see a private military contractor (PMC) actively engaged in a direct fire combat situation. Simply put, it isn’t their job to get wrapped up in gun-fights.

Keeping that in mind, it appears that these guys aren’t on the regular duty of transporting an important person. Although, the exact purpose of their mission cannot be determined from this video.