Plea Deal Granted For SEAL In Green Beret Murder Case

first published on May 13, 2019 by

One of the Navy SEALs charged in the death of US Army Green Beret Logan Melgar on June 4, 2017 in Mali has reached a plea deal with prosecutors.


As part of the plea deal, Chief Special Warfare Officer Adam Matthews will be subjected to a special court-martial rather than a general court martial, which means the maximum is one year in prison, reduction in rank to E-1, forfeiture of two-thirds pay for one year, and a bad conduct discharge, according to an analysis on Task and Purpose.

The deal states that murder and involuntary manslaughter charges will be dropped against Matthews if he pleads guilty to the hazing, assault consummated by battery, burglary, and conspiracy to obstruct justice charges.

For those not familiar with the case, two Navy SEALs and two Marine Raiders were charged in connection with the strangulation death of the US Army Special Forces soldier. Thy immediately came under suspicion of murder when they claimed that Melgar was drunk and doing combatives the night he died. The autopsy showed no drugs or alcohol were in Melgar’s system, and other reports indicate that Melgar didn’t drink alcohol ever. The report didn’t specify what roles the Marine Raiders played.

One of the Marine Raiders, Staff Sgt. Kevin Maxwell is also negotiating for a plea deal. Meanwhile, Navy SEAL Petty Officer Anthony DeDolph and Marine Raider Gunnery Sgt. Mario A. Madera-Rodriguez are not seeking negotiations. The hearings have been postponed multiple times.


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