PKM Gunner has an Extremely Close-Call with ISIS Marksmen

first published on February 12, 2019 by

A PKM gunner has an extremely close-call while attempting to engage an ISIS marksman. After one last turkey peak, a round misses his head by mere inches, and he is subsequently wounded by flying debris.

A video showing an extremely close-call between a purported Kurdish fighter and an alleged ISIS marksman has been released. However, given the incalculable number of mixed and matched uniforms worn by the myriad of warring factions in the middle east today, who can really say for sure. Anyway, the PKM gunner and his buddies are attempting to engage a concealed marksman somewhere in the unseen foreground. A vehicle, possible a Humvee, with a heavy caliber weapon is also supporting the action from the flank in the barren yet hilly desert terrain.

Feeling secure behind a small building and a few sandbags, the gunner keeps inching his way around the cover struggling to locate the enemy position. After several turkey peaks and likely emboldened by the supporting gun truck’s fire, he obviously thinks he has a good idea of the marksmen’s location; he finally commits and attempts to engage. But the opposing marksmen is waiting for him and within a few brief moments of exposure, an incoming round zips right past his head. The round appears to impact a rock just behind the PKM gunners’ right side, spraying debris and bullet fragments into the side of his head. He quickly withdraws with the help of his buddy obviously stunned and bleeding from the incredible near-miss.


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