PKK Fire Team Wiped Out By Remote Weapon System

first published on December 1, 2015 by

Turkish Anti Terror Police watch the screen of their remote weapon system and wait patiently as a group of Kurdish PKK militants approach their position.


The Kurdish militants are unaware that they have been identified and continue stepping closer into the kill zone. Finally, a Turkish officer makes the call to fire at one of the insurgents, dropping him dead.

Another PKK member sprints to get cover and escape the situation. He takes multiple rounds intentionally delivered to his legs by the Turkish weapon system. It’s unclear as to whether he was intentionally wounded, possibly for later interrogation or to get other militants to leave cover and enter the kill zone to assist him.

A third PKK militant is hiding behind a wall, but the next volley of bullets tear through it like it isn’t there, demonstrating the difference between cover and concealment. The insurgent drags himself around the corner, but it is likely that he was mortally wounded and didn’t make it far.


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