Not Even a Chance to Wipe: PKK Fighter Ambushed After Relieving Himself

first published on July 7, 2017 by

PKK Fighter ambushed after relieving himself in an either embarrassing, or staged GoPro video.

A grainy GoPro video claiming to show Turkish Troops sneaking up on a PKK Fighter and killing him has surfaced. With some thoroughly intense hand-and-arm signals throughout, the first-person perspective video shows Turkish soldiers noisily making their way through forested terrain. The PKK fighter is spotted just a short distance away, observed for a few moments, and has just enough time to stand up in full view before a single shot is fired from a rifle with a gnarly, yet oversized scope. It does appear that the fighter possible dons his trousers just as he stands up; so, he may have had a frightfully embarrassing last few moments. The unsuspecting fighter drops, and the video ends with a final vigorous hand signal.

PKK Fighter Ambushed After Relieving Himself

This video certainly leaves that taste of fiction in your mouth as you watch it. The soldiers are clearly not “sneaking” around in the dry undergrowth of the wooded area, and the overly enthusiastic hand signaling screams “B-movie” authenticity. The added element of a PKK fighter just finishing his morning constitution is the third strike. Staging a video that not only highlights the killing of an enemy, but the additional embarrassment of killing him in such a vulnerable situation is not beyond the twisted dark humor of combat troops.

However, there is always the chance that this video could be authentic. Current conflicts are being documented on a scope and scale never before possible. With nearly every combatant carrying some kind of video recording device, more and more raw footage of combat will continue to emerge for years to come. Unpredictable events transpire in war with amazing regularity. It is entirely possible that the PKK fighter was taking a dump and didn’t hear the approaching patrol. The hand-and-arm signals could just be a unit SOP that this soldier is enthusiastically following. Videos like this make it difficult to tell fact from fiction. Is this a one of a kind moment captured for posterity, or is it staged propaganda?

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