Pistol Whipping Gone Wrong: Thief Shoots Buddy In The Head

first published on April 21, 2017 by

A video reportedly out of Puebla City, Mexico shows a purse snatching attempt gone wrong.

According to the footage, a woman can be seen waiting for public transportation when she is approached by two men. The would-be thieves pull a gun on her and attempt to take her handbag. She resists the robbery attempt, and one of the armed suspects pistol whips her with his finger on the trigger.

The pistol negligently discharges, sending a bullet into his accomplice’s head. He is instantly killed and drops like a rock.

The other thief then shoots the woman in the ankle, and after she falls to the ground, he checks on his expired buddy. For a brief second it looks as if he is going to try and pick him up, but decides against it and leaves.

At that point a random pedestrian walks up to the woman, and it appears for a moment that he may and try to assist her or administer first aid… NOPE. Instead, he steals the handbag the original group of thieves attempted to take.

Just as the video ends another passerby walks up to the woman, and based on everything we’ve seen so far, it’s more than likely that he is only there to further victimize her, rather than helping. I believe this place qualifies as the new political term of “sh*thole.”


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