Pilot Walks Hand Grenades On Top Of Bad Guy’s Head

first published on April 9, 2016 by

They say close only counts with horseshoes and hand grenades. In this instance, we see that even with hand grenades, closer is always better.

An overhead Apache pilot is spotting an enemy fighter for a small team on the ground. The team outside of the compound knows that the enemy is there, but they can’t see him.

As they start tossing fragmentation grenades at the enemy, the Apache pilot starts making adjustments.

This is probably one of the best instances of reverse call for fire I have ever seen. The troops are too close for the Apache to safely fire at the target, so instead the pilot simply talks the hand grenades directly on top of the bad guy’s head.

Although “tip of the spear” infantry troops may never meet their partnered close air support pilots in person, there is often a very close bond created between the two entities. As the ground fighters and attack pilots engage in more and more battles together, their interoperability increases as well, making them that much more deadly on the battle field.


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