U.S. Army Testing Hydrogen Powered Pickup Truck For Conventional Operations

first published on July 12, 2017 by

The U.S. Army has begun extensive field testing on a hydrogen powered Chevrolet pickup truck that will allow soldiers to travel in complete silence.

The Chevrolet ZH2 pickup truck has started the first round of extensive field testing in order to see if the vehicle will be a viable option for soldiers operating in extreme situations. The vehicle itself is almost completely silent, and is powered by hydrogen fuel cells instead of conventional fuel. Currently, the Army is testing it with the 4th Infantry Division, and 10th Special Forces Group at Fort Carson in extreme field environments.

The two groups are testing the vehicle’s ability to remain silent when running for a long duration of time, as well as the thermal signature created by the vehicle when run in those same conditions. On top of this, they are also ensuring that the vehicle can maintain the exact same standards of other military reconnaissance vehicles in its class when it comes to off road capabilities.

The vehicle itself stands at 6 and a half feet high, and seven feet wide. It was built on a mid-size pickup truck chassis, and sports 37-inch tires and a heavily modified suspension system that allegedly allows it to pass over a large variety of terrain. The vehicle itself has also been reinforced inside and out to protect the individuals inside in the event of a vehicle rollover. Here is a brief video from some of the earliest tests being conducted right now.