ISIS Sub Group In The Philippines Already Using Child Soldiers To Conduct Operations

first published on May 31, 2017 by

The Filipino ISIS sub-group, The Maute, have already published images and video of children conducting combat operations in the Southern Philippines.

ISIS continues their aggressive expansion around the world with a relatively new group called The Maute. The Maute is a terrorist faction based and operating in the Southern Philippines. In the past week, they have already murdered over 100 people, and laid siege to Marawi City, causing an outbreak of conflict in that area as the Filipino Army rushes to stomp out the fire caused by the groups uprising.


A member of The Maute stands on top of a captured Filipino military vehicle.


The propaganda is used to recruit new soldiers to the cause, and to intimidate members of the country’s armed forces. In the first video, released through Al Jazeera, the group is already showing young children being used for combat operations. If this isn’t giving you Mosul 2014 vibes, you need to check yourself.