Philippines President Declares Martial Law Following ISIS Offensive

first published on May 24, 2017 by

Philippines President Duterte declared martial law on the southern island of Mindanao following a massive offensive in the city of Marawi by Islamist militants loyal to ISIS. The stringent leader also suggested enacting military control over the entire nation in order stifle the Muslim insurgent group. The Long War Journal reports that the Filipino Air Force dropped several bombs in Marawi neighborhoods to target the jihadists.

The Islamic State terrorists assaulted through the city, first attacking an army garrison before taking over several government buildings and setting fire to others. A local police chief was beheaded by the insurgents as well. At one point, the guerrillas replaced a Phillipines flag with a variant of the black Shahada. The militants then entered a Catholic church and kidnapped the priest and 10 worshippers.

The Islamist offensive was ignited following a government raid that attempted to capture the Abu Sayyaf militant group’s commander, Isnilon Hapilon, a high value target who has a $5 million reward on his head.


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