Peshmerga Special Forces Kill ISIS During Night Operations

first published on August 19, 2016 by

Peshmerga special forces troops of the CTG (Counter Terror Group) released a video reportedly showing the aftermath of a night operation in which they killed three ISIS cell leaders, and a fourth one blew himself up.

According to Rudaw, a Kurdish news outlet, the elite kurdish troops intercepted a suspected ISIS vehicle and called for the occupants to surrender. The ISIS fighters refused, and the soldiers were forced to neutralize the threat.

Our sources told us that the Islamic State members were cell leaders and that they were killed very near the border of Iran. The terrorists were reportedly attempting to make their way to Afghanistan.

The CTG is part of the PUK and should not be confused with the CTU (Counter Terror Unit) of Erbil’s PDK. However, both forces are among the best Iraqi Kurdistan has to offer and often work very closely with Western advisors, who may possibly be seen in this video.