Peshmerga SOF: Task Force Black In Combat

first published on May 4, 2016 by

Video following AP TAC, an Italian Peshmerga fighter and tactics instructor, as he joins the Peshmerga special operations unit Heza Rashaka, also known as Task Force Black as they take part in an operation to clear the village of Bashir, Kirkuk, from ISIS control. The operation was a success.


This video shows the unit providing security for a front end loader as it creates a fighting position just outside of the village. The machine take a direct hit with an RPG and a firefight ensues. Coalition close air support arrives to silence the insurgents.


On a side note: I found it interesting that some of the fighters were rocking Kryptek Mandrake camouflage pattern uniforms. Check out AP TAC on Facebook >>>HERE<<< and watch his tactics and training videos on Youtube >>>HERE<<<


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