Peshmerga Fighter Beast Modes Through IED Blast

first published on July 12, 2016 by

A member of the Peshmerga is taking point when he steps on an improvised explosive device. He then goes beast mode, and walks back to his team.

This is one of those videos that will absolutely impress you. A Peshmerga fighter is preparing to search an enemy position when he steps on an IED. Instead of doing what any normal human being would do, he beast modes through the pain, and walks straight back to his team.

A Reddit user by the name of FeyliXan translated the video. You will be able to find the translation directly below the video.

Warning: This video contains graphic content that is not suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Cameraman: Hajar is there anybody inside? Cameraman: Hajar?
Cameraman: HAJAR? (8X) Cameraman: What happened? Cameraman: What?
Hajar: I lost my weapon… It is nothing. I am ok leave me alone!!
Cameraman: Hajar?
Hajar: Give me a weapon, it is nothing.
Cameraman: It is nothing?? Cameraman: Hajar, sit down, sit…sit
Hajar: Come…
Cameraman: Hajar, sit down, sit…sit Cameraman: Brothers we got a wounded! Cameraman: Sit down. Cameraman: Hajar, how do you feel?
Hajar: This is for Kurdistan!
Cameraman: Hajar my brother! Just sit down.
Hajar: Long live Kurdistan! Hajar: Help me….Help me
Cameraman: I love you my friend.
Hajar: Help me.
Camerman: Sit don’t go back to the front! Brother Ardalan!
Hajar: Where is Ardalan?
Camerman: Ardalan!
Hajar: If I am martyred, forgive me…
Camerman: God forbid! Camerman: Brother Ardalan, we have a wounded!


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