Pentagon Expects F-35 To Defeat A-10 In Aircraft Showdown

first published on April 29, 2016 by

The A-10 and F-35 are scheduled to go head to head in a variety of different tests to see which aircraft is the best, and the Pentagon thinks the F-35 will win.

Once again the Pentagon has decided to try and prove their gross spending habits by putting the brand new multi-role F-35 against a decades old single-role aircraft. This time, instead of facing off against the F-16, (it lost) The F-35 will be facing off against the legendary A-10.

A-10 Aircraft

The two aircraft will face-off in a head to head battle, specifically centered around the A-10’s mission sets of close air support, and combat search-and-rescue. These tests will be conducted in a manner that showcases each platform’s ability, and compares the capabilities of both, to determine which one conducts the mission best.

Critics of the F-35 believe that the $163 million multi-role fighter jet will not be able to do the job as well as the $18 million A-10, but the Pentagon remains confident that the F-35 will shine through, and defeat the A-10.

F-35 Aircraft

When these tests officially begin, make sure you tune back into Funker530, because we’ll be watching them very closely.

There are two teams in this fight, Team A-10, and Team F-35.

We know where we stand, do you?


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