Pech River Boys: Tales From Afghanistan Movie Review

first published on June 20, 2016 by

This is a documentary film told straight from our perspective. If you served in Afghanistan, you absolutely need to watch every second of this movie.

Serving in a direct combat role in Afghanistan is probably one of my proudest achievements in life. It’s something that shaped me as a human being, and is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Anyone who served in that country will probably have a similar story, and if you want to watch a movie that is told directly from that perspective, then the Pech River Boys documentary is the film for you.

The film itself follows an Infantry platoon in the Pech River Valley of Afghanistan. All of the video you see in the documentary that is in Afghanistan, was recorded by the soldiers themselves. This adds a certain level of authenticity that most documentary films miss. There is nothing removed, and you truly feel like you’re back in the hooch with the boys throughout the film. To me, this is something that I didn’t even really know that I was missing from my life, and the film does an amazing job of pulling you right back into the platoon pranks.

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From the guys hiding their porn stash, to getting into hellacious gun-fights while building a bridge. This film is non-stop from start to finish. The interviews that were conducted with the soldiers also add much needed perspective. You get to see and hear straight from their mouths how these experience shaped them. In my opinion this is almost as important as the stuff that was filmed in Afghanistan. I feel as if I can relate to each individual that was interviewed, and it’s because they share a lot of the same experiences and feelings that I do.

If you’re looking for a documentary that you can relate to as a veteran of the GWOT, this is the film for you. The story was recorded and told by the soldiers who were there. This isn’t your average run of the mill Discovery Channel documentary. It focuses on the individuals, their actions, and how it shaped them as human beings. It’s also told entirely by the platoon, with zero agenda hiding in the background to make you feel a certain way politically.

This documentary is about us.