Payback Time: Egyptian Airforce Carries Out Strikes Against ISIS in the Sinai

first published on November 27, 2017 by

Egypt responds to bloody ISIS attack that left over 300 dead in a mosque this past Friday. Four and half minute-long video shows the Egyptian Airforce getting some payback, pounding dozens of militant targets.

This past Friday around 30 ISIS terrorists attacked a busy Sufi mosque in the Sinai, killing at least 305 and wounding over a hundred in the deadliest terror attack in modern Egyptian history. ISIS did not Initially claim the attack, but subsequently CNN has reported “The attackers had long beards and hair, were wearing military fatigues and were armed with heavy machine guns, according to the statement. At least one of those who entered the mosque was carrying an ISIS flag,”.


In response, an outpouring of angered Egyptian sentiment has forced President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to order airstrikes against remote Daesh hideouts in the Sinai Peninsula. According to an Egyptian military statement, spokesperson Tamer Rifai said, “The Egyptian Air Force pursued the terrorist elements, discovered and destroyed a number of vehicles that carried out the brutal terrorist killings, and killed all terrorists inside those vehicles,”


The Egyptian Branch of ISIS has been using the vastness of the Sinai desert to hide and conduct attacks since swearing allegiance to Daesh in 2014. Culminating in this most recent attack, Egyptian security forces have been fighting back against this elusive enemy. However, the airstrikes depicted in this video montage may be from not just the past few days, but from the past months or even years. Either way, it’s four and a half minutes of ISIS getting blown to pieces, and that’s always fun.


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