Air Support Dominates Taliban Attack on Patrol Base Skullet

first published on March 20, 2019 by

Marines from India Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines defend Patrol Base Skullet from a complex attack in the Nawa District of Afghanistan’s Helmand Province.


What you are about to watch was recorded by Marines from 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines during their 2010 deployment to the Nawa District of Afghanistan. During the video, the Taliban attack Patrol Base Skullet from three sides with rocket propelled grenades and small arms fire. On post, Marines can be heard returning accurate fire with crew served weapons while the radio transmissions indicate that the base commander is calling in air support to decisively end the attack against their position. The air support is also filmed putting in work against the attacking Taliban fighters.

3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines is credited with being one of the key units that helped stabilize the Nawa District of Helmand Province during their seven month deployment to the region. They helped establish security in the region by building up the local security forces, and a strong local government through Governor Haji Abdul Manaf, a former Mujaheddin fighter and staunch opponent to Taliban rule of law. The work that they completed in the region was so note-worthy, that in 2011 members of Senate would visit the district with the Secretary of the Navy and the Commandant of the Marine Corps in order to see if the results could be replicated in other problem districts within Helmand province.

If you would like to read more about the Nawa District of Afghanistan, follow this link.


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