Paris Police Engage Terrorists Outside Of Bataclan

first published on November 14, 2015 by

Amateur Footage taken outside of The Bataclan Music Theater, shows Paris Police engaging Terrorists as they arrive.

In this footage taken as the police arrive on scene, we see terrorists exchanging fire with the Paris police department. It is important to note, that these appear to be regular police officers being engaged, and not the special teams who went inside. Props to these men for returning to the fight even though they were out-gunned.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to the families of the wounded, and murdered in last nights terror attacks. We stand with Paris and it’s people. If you are a tourist in the Paris area in need of help, here are some phone numbers to embassies that can assist you. Also you can use the hashtag #PORTEOUVERTE to find Parisians that are opening their doors to help others.

Later this evening, we here at Funker530 will be releasing a full story, covering the events of last night. Inside of that story will be multiple amateur videos that we have collected from the events in Paris last night, as well as a synopsis of the events as they happened.


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