Rebels Utilize Drones to Target Military Parade in Yemen Killing 6

first published on January 11, 2019 by

Shiite Houthi Rebels attack a large military parade in Yemen killing six people at the Al-Anad Air Base on January 10, 2019.


Video footage recorded during a Saudi-led coalition military parade in Yemen shows the dramatic moment that a bomb-laden drone, allegedly launched by Houthi rebels, attacks with explosives. Early reports coming out of the area state that at least six people were killed during the attack, threatening to destroy an uneasy U.N.-brokered period of peace in the Arab world’s poorest nation of Yemen.

All victims in the attack are reported to be Government troops according to officials after the attack took place. “We were under the impression that the coalition has a tight control over airspace and there is no way the Houthis can send drones or planes to attack us in the south,” said Mohammed Ali, a solider in Al-Annad 2nd Brigade guarding the parade.

The attack occurred in the middle of a speech being given by Yemeni army spokesman Mohammed al-Naqib. In the video, you can hear the high pitch whining of the drone as it flies in low and fast with its payload underneath. Shortly after the whine can be heard, the drone explodes peppering al-Naqib and several others with shrapnel. Among the wounded were Yemeni Military Intelligence Service chief Mohammad Saleh Tamah; Deputy Chief of Staff Saleh al-Zindani; senior military commander Mohammad Jawas; and Lahj Gov. Ahmed al-Turki, Yemeni officials said.


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