Parachute Bomb Causes More Anxiety Than Damage In Aleppo

first published on December 8, 2016 by

Somewhere in Aleppo, Syria, a parachute bomb falls at the speed of smell. Watching it drop is probably scarier than the detonation.

Could you imagine, just for a second, how much anxiety a bomb like this would cause for the average civilian. Some random militarized aircraft flies overhead, and slowly starts pushing out little parachutes.

For a while, you stare at the sky and have absolutely no idea what is attached to the end of them. Slowly, as the object gets within visual range, you notice that warheads of some type are attached to the end of the parachutes.

It’s already too late to run. You stood in place and watched the parachutes descend for too long. Now all you can do is take cover and hope the explosion isn’t the one that finally takes you out.

Welcome to Who Are We Bombing Anwyay? Aleppo Edition, where the rules don’t matter, because all of the terrorist factions are made up anyway.


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