Palestinians Celebrate After Terror Attack In Tel Aviv

first published on June 9, 2016 by

Palestinians celebrated online, and in the streets, after a terror attack in the Sarona market of Tel Aviv left 4 Israeli citizens dead.

Two Palestinian gunmen conducted one of the most deadly terror attack in recent history at the Sarona market in Tel Aviv. At around 10 p.m. local time, the gunmen entered the market, where they began shooting at unarmed civilians, killing four of them and wounding five others.

The attack ended when Israeli police shot and killed one of the gunmen. They were able to wound and detain the second, who is in moderate condition at an Israeli hospital.

Shortly after the attack, Hamas took to social media and claimed responsibility for the shootings. Other Palestinians in the Gaza Strip took to the streets and celebrated the deaths of the Israeli civilians, calling the shooting a “heroic operation,” and promising that there would be further violence in the near future.

The Israeli government has announced that there will be a week of mourning for those wounded and killed.


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