Pakistani Troops Pay Heavy Price For Poor Reaction To Ambush

first published on January 1, 2017 by

Pakistani troops pay a heavy price for their poor reaction to a rebel ambush against their military convoy in mid December 2018.

pakistani troops

The following video was released by the BRAS (Baloch Raaji Ajoi e Sangar) public relations team, and shows the unified insurgent group conduct an L-shaped ambush on a five-vehicle military convoy. The insurgents use mostly small arms but drop some fairly accurate mortar rounds as well.

According to the BRAS insurgent group, a dozen Pakistani troops were killed in the attack. That number is as-of-yet unconfirmed by our publication. However, the viewer can certainly see that a number of casualties are taken by the government troops.

Most, if not all, of those casualties could have been avoided had the troops received proper training to react to an ambush. For some unknown reason, the troops stop their vehicles in the kill zone and get out of them.

A better option would have been to either continue driving through the kill zone, or rapidly turn around and leave in the direction from which they came. The terrain would have allowed for either, and it’s not likely that each and every vehicle was immobilized by hostile fire. This was simply the worst reaction possible. At no point should one stop in the enemy’s predetermined ambush area.

The BRAS group responsible for the attack is a united force of three Baloch separatist militias: The Baloch Liberation Army, Balochistan Liberation Front, and Baloch Republican Guards.


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