Pakistani Troops Get Lured Into Costly Ambush In Balochistan

first published on September 24, 2019 by

A video reportedly recorded in Balochistan on 27 July 2019 shows separatist insurgents luring Pakistani troops into an ambush corridor and then inflicting multiple casualties with small arms and RPG fire.


According to the source, prior to the events depicted in the video, a Balochistan Liberation Front-affiliated sniper engaged Pakistani troops in an attempt to get a Pakistani quick reaction force into the ambush zone.

The tactic worked, and a small dismounted element of government troops, patrolling far ahead of a mounted element of pickup trucks, worked its way into the kill zone.

In the video we can see initial confusion from the troops, not knowing exactly how to respond. They actually continue working further up the valley, until one of the insurgents fires an RPG. Then they begin to retreat, but relatively accurate small arms fire pins them down, and eventually eliminates them.

The BLF claim to have killed four government troops in the attack, and a Pakistani military spokesman seems to have confirmed the deaths in a Tweet.

The US declared the Baloch separatist groups in Pakistan to be a terror organization. The decision likely came as a deal-sweetener during trade negotiations between President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G-20 summit.

A Baloch fighter responded to the terror designation with an open letter to President Trump addressing the perceived injustice, citing parallels of their organization with the foundation of of America, à la No Taxation Without Representation.