Game Over: Pakistani Soldier Caught In Ambush Without Cover

first published on April 15, 2018 by

A deadly ambush video reportedly filmed recently by the Balochstan Liberation Front (BLF) near the town of Hoshab, in Balochistan’s Ketch district shows a lone Pakistani soldier attacked and likely killed in a hail of gunfire.

pakistani soldier

As the ambush is initiated, the Pakistani soldier instinctively goes prone, faces his attackers, and returns fire. However, he is fully exposed. Within seconds he is hit with small arms fire and goes into a death roll of pain.

The separatist rebels carry out attacks against Pakistani military and Chinese industrialist targets along the China Pakistan Economic corridor (CPEC) project route. They claim that the Pakistani government extracts and sells resources from their province, while they receive no benefit, nor do they have sufficient representation within the government.

Unlike other militant groups in the region, you’ll find very little, if any, religious zealotry within the BLF’s videos or online publications. Their focus appears to be liberty.