PKK Militants Overrun Turkish Military Position and Kill Eight Soldiers

first published on September 4, 2017 by

Members of the Kurdish PKK overrun a Turkish military position on top of a hill and kill eight Turkish soldiers in a propaganda release.

Here’s the thing about propaganda, you only see what the people releasing it want you to see. At Funker530 we view hundreds of hours of propaganda footage every single month. They all have a few things in common. There is some catchy music playing, and we only see the releasing agency reigning triumphant in every single angle that is mashed together. According to this release, the PKK overran a hilltop position inside of Turkey, and killed eight Turkish soldiers while recovering all of their equipment with zero casualties.

In reality though, the PKK didn’t overrun the position, and they only killed one Turkish soldier. They also lost one of the few militants they brought to the attack, and the weapons they recovered were their own staged at the bottom of the hill specifically for creation of the propaganda piece that went along with this attack. While the attack definitely rocked the Turkish troops, the claims that were made by the PKK are simply not true.

We have left the propaganda piece below completely unedited from its original form. It is being shown in order to educate the viewer on what a propaganda video generally looks like.