Overly Excited Reporter Embeds With Special Forces

first published on January 2, 2016 by

A Fox News reporter embeds with a Special Forces ODA team on assignment in Afghanistan, and he is super excited about it.

Everybody wants the opportunity to work with the Special Forces. When this Fox News reporter finally gets his opportunity he takes the narration, and reporting, just a little bit over the top.

The way this reporter is narrating throughout the news story, you would think this ODA team was conducting The Battle of Shok Valley. Leave it to Fox news to take something completely mundane, and attempt to turn it into the operation that is ending the Global War on Terror.

Reporter ator as fuck

The interviews in this video are pretty hilarious as well. If you pay attention to the operators being interviewed, you can almost feel how much they don’t want to be on camera with this guy. The guy conducting sensitive site exploitation is the best, “Yeah, I’m rummaging through stuff, because we need to find evidence… please go away now, so I can work in peace.”

Sometimes things just aren’t exciting. It’s pretty obvious that these guys knew this operation wasn’t going to be kinetic, so they chose it to bring the reporter. You have got to hand it to this reporter though, he did absolutely everything in his power to make this a big deal.