Russian Special Forces Conducting Operations Against Rebels In Aleppo

first published on December 30, 2016 by

Members of the Elite Russian Special Forces unit known as Spetsnaz conduct operations against Rebel forces in Aleppo with members of the Syrian Arab Army.

In this never before seen footage, coming out of Aleppo, Syria, we see members of the Russian Spetsnaz conducing operations against the Free Syrian Army. It is interesting to note that the battle in Aleppo has been raging since 2012 when Rebel forces first initially took control of Syria’s largest city. It is only with the help of these Spetsnaz Operators that the Syrian Arab Army has been able to begin retaking control of the city from rebel forces.

While it is next to impossible to stand on either side of the fence without standing at the moral low ground from someone, it is interesting to finally see the Spetsnaz conducting operations in the open, and on camera. It is also interesting to take note of some of the moral patches they are wearing, including the operator at 48 seconds who has an “Infidel” patch on the back of his highly modified ballistic helmet.


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