Operation Roundup: Iraqi Air Power versus The Islamic State in Iraq

first published on September 14, 2018 by

Operation Roundup is a joint mission by Operation Inherent Resolve to continue dominating the Islamic State out of existence in Iraq and Syria.


A joint operation between Iraqi Forces and the coalition of troops in Operation Inherent Resolve have been conducting a final mission in the fight against the Islamic State for the past few months. This operation is known as Operation Roundup, and is intended to destroy the remnants of the Islamic State in both Iraq and in Syria.

The operation began with the establishment of Fire Base Um Jorais, a temporary artillery emplacement stood up by United States Marines back in June of 2018, and continues to this day with a number of air strikes and artillery fire missions being used every single day against known Islamic State positions.

The video below comes to us courtesy of Operation Inherent Resolves, and features some of the F-16 strikes conducted by the Iraqi Air Force leading up to the beginning of Operation Roundup. The F-16 strikes have been occurring regularly and concurrently in lock-step with Operation Inherent Resolves own air and artillery strikes. The aim of Operation Roundup is to achieve total victory against the Islamic State in both Iraq and Syria through joint operations with the partnered nations according to task force officials.


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