Last Warning: Coalition Airstrikes Destroy Fleeing Islamic State Fighters

first published on March 28, 2018 by

Operation Last Warning is a joint initiative by Operation Inherent Resolve to destroy the last remaining pockets of the Islamic State in Iraq.

Last Warning

While the battle against the Islamic State may be officially finished in a logistical sense, the group is still managing to cling to life in small pockets. If allowed to survive unimpeded, the group will slowly regain their footing through insurgent and guerrilla tactics. That’s where Operation Last Warning comes into play.

Operation Last Warning is a joint coalition initiative by Operation Inherent Resolve that aims to conduct tactical air strikes against the last remaining pockets of Islamic State fighters in both Iraq’s Anbar desert. The operation itself has been an on-going process since around October of 2018. Today, airstrikes are being carried out against a number of Islamic State hideouts and safe houses with the objective of eliminating the group completely before they are able to re-establish a foothold after their recent defeats.

The video below is airstrike footage recorded by the coalition that shows a series of airstrikes that were carried out by Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve. The footage has been cleared of any known security violations and released into the public domain by the Department of Defense. The footage was recorded over the Al Jazeera desert in Iraq, on March 25, 2019.