Peshmerga Fighter Openly Taunts ISIS Sniper About How Terrible He Is

first published on December 19, 2016 by

A Peshmerga fighter, standing out in the open on purpose, openly taunts an ISIS sniper about how bad of a marksman he is while laughing.

This is a video about that awkward moment when you realize the sniper couldn’t hit you, even if you stood perfectly still and held an orange target at chest level for him.

A Peshmerga fighter has a moment of clarity while a Daesh sniper is trying to shoot him. Realizing how terrible the shooter is, he stands out on the edge and begins to taunt him. At several points in the banter, he tells the sniper that they are going to kill him, and that his sister is going to be their new girlfriend.

Several hours later the Peshmerga cleared the building and killed the sniper. He was a Chechen fighter being paid by Daesh as a sniper. They might want to start vetting those guys and getting refunds.


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