Ominous Cyber Attack U.S. Space Command Video

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At some point in the near future, the wars we fight will no longer be against illiterate third world degenerates. We will come face to face with a smart, heavily-armed, and technologically advanced foe. The decade plus we spent designing armor and counter measures against primitive explosives and projectiles will be of no assistance. The initiation attack will not come as a bombing campaign or an invasion force, at least not at first. Instead, it will come as a total collapse of the systems we tout so proudly, yet take for granted, by means of electronic warfare, cyber attacks, or the destruction of our satellites.


Imagine the world’s greatest military suddenly unable to communicate globally, get planes off the ground, and navigate the seas with the our current technological means. What if?

In the infantry, we never forego learning the most degraded of soldiering techniques. Sure we rely heavily on GPS, ballistic computers, and SATCOMs in combat, but if we needed to, we could bust out the map and plot some points with the compass and protractor. We could keep track of our pace count and use terrain association to arrive on the objective, but that’s the infantry.

Basic military skills are now being reimplemented across the board. U.S. Naval officers are now being taught to navigate by the stars in the event GPS fails. A year ago, an interaction between Russian warplanes and the same U.S. Navy ship that had the recent encounter with the Russian planes on the Baltic Sea crossed paths. Russian media reported the the Su-24 Fencer “shut down all equipment on the USS Donald Cook American destroyer with anti-missile system elements.” The U.S. acknowledged the interaction between the two countries occurred, but denied that any such jamming or electronic attack took place. The legitimacy of the story may never be revealed to the public, but it does raise the question of “what if.”

As the world continues to get smaller, and the resources become more scarce, this escalation between the world’s superpowers will only increase in frequency, and eventually a breaking point will be met. Look at the the showdowns with China in the South China Sea. Look at their constant hacks against our infrastructure and tech secrets. Look at our now regular at-odds relationship with Russia as a result of Syria and Ukraine. This isn’t hysteria. It’s coming.

The following ominous video from U.S. Air Force Space Command takes a look at just how reliant we are on our technology, and then raises the question of what we would do should it all come crashing down.


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