Old Doc and Rookie Grunt Battle To Save Afghan Family: Short Film

first published on August 5, 2016 by

Although not combat footage, the short film “Day 39” is a great piece of storytelling and was directed by a military veteran filmmaker and is far from overhyped, over-budgeted Hollywood trash, so I thought I’d give it a share. The film follows an experienced combat medic and a rookie grunt as they attempt to save a mother and her child while having labor complications that would equal certain death in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the father of the child lays bleeding out, suffering from mortal sucking chest wounds caused by their own platoon.

rookie grunt

Again, fictional video could never deliver the true depth and vivid reality that actual combat footage can. Yet, it does allow for the creator to pack many intense elements one would experience over the course of an entire deployment in to a single short feature. I like this video because it shows that while the enemy is a constant threat while deployed as an actual warfighter, there are so many other messed up things that can and do happen that are just traumatizing as combat.


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