Off Duty Cop Delivers Street Justice To Armed Robber

first published on June 13, 2017 by

Another off duty cop takes out the trash in… you guessed it… Brazil, as he gets caught up in an armed robbery at a motorcycle shop.

According to the reports, an off duty Brazilian cop was in a local neighborhood business ordering parts for his motorcycle when an armed assailant entered the store and stuck a gun into the officer’s back as he demanded money from the shopkeeper.

As the muscular robber attempts to change hands with his pistol, the off duty cop cop spins and attempts to disarm him. He is unable to get the pistol from the thief, but according to some online reports, the revolver’s cylinder opened, spilling the ammunition onto the floor.

The cop trades blows with the assailant, but the thief is bigger, has a longer reach, and is using the heavy pistol to deliver devastating blows to the officer. Yet, the the officer doesn’t back down, even as blood spills from his head.

Although the cop was armed, he knew that if he attempted to pull his weapon at such close quarters, the bigger and stronger suspect would likely have been able to wrestle it away from him and use it on him. So he patiently takes a beating, and when the scumbag attempts to leave the store, the officer produces his weapon.

The next segment of the video is captured by a witness cell phone camera, and shows the suspect bleeding on the ground begging for his life. The officer had shot him multiple times before the video started. Yet, we are able to see him give a good soccer style kick to the criminal’s head.

Reports indicate that the criminal didn’t die, but the end photo shows him cuffed and hunched over looking non responsive. Things didn’t go as planned for the scumbag.


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