Kim Jung Un Vows To Shut Down Nuclear Test Site In May

first published on April 30, 2018 by

The South Korean President’s Office, on Sunday, quoted North Korean President Kim Jong Un as promising to shut down his nuclear test site in May.

Kim reportedly also told South Korean President Moon Jae-in that the North would have no need to keep nuclear weapons if the US commits to formally ending the 1950-53 Korean War and signs a non-aggression pact with Pyongyang.

“Once we start talking, the United States will know that I am not a person to launch nuclear weapons at South Korea, the Pacific. or the United States,” Kim said.

North Korea has already claimed to have paused all nuclear weapon related testing as the truce continues to develop. It is unclear if North Korea will ever agree to total denuclearization.

Although North Korea’s research development of intercontinental ballistic missiles has made considerable recent advancements, which gave them the range and ability to drop a nuke anywhere in the mainland United States, that same nuclear development has caused his own people to suffer.

On September 10, just one week after North Korea conducted their sixth nuclear test, a tunnel at the test site collapsed, killing an estimated 100 people, likely due to aftershocks caused by the hydrogen bomb test. An additional 100 were then killed in the rescue attempt to search for survivors.

Then, multiple reports surfaced of the “ghost disease,” likely radiation sickness from contaminated ground water near his test site, that was killing North Korean civilians in a horrific manor.

test site

The exact specifics of this upcoming peace truce are hard to imagine. The idea of Kim opening his borders doesn’t seem feasible. Additionally, if the Korean War ends, what will America’s justification be for continuing to project military force in the Far East. Time will tell.

The following footage is from a 2016 joint military invasion training exercise in South Korea.


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