Nuclear Plant Officer Murdered In Belgium, Security Pass Stolen

first published on March 26, 2016 by

UPDATE: Security pass has been accounted for.

A Belgian nuclear plant security officer was found murdered and his access pass was stolen on Thursday, but details have only been released now. Belgium is still reeling from the deadly terror blasts on the Brussels airport and subway train, and the nation remains on high alert as anti terror raids continue.


The security officer was shot and killed while walking his dog, and although there is no officially declared motive, there is a supported theory that he may have been targeted by Islamists to gain access to the nuclear facility to procure dirty bomb making material or sabotage the plant itself to create panic, destruction, and death.

In a recent raid to nab Mohammed Bakkali, a participant in both the Paris massacre and Brussels bombings, surveillance footage was recovered by the police showing extensive recordings of an executive at the Centre for the Study of Nuclear Energy, which further solidifies the theory that the Islamists are looking to get their hands on radioactive material.

The murdered security officer’s pass was immediately cancelled, and the Tihange nuclear power station has cancelled seven other workers’ passes, and revoked an additional four after intelligence and security agencies reviewed the facility’s employees.