Notorious Russian Separatist Commander Spotted In Syria

first published on September 30, 2015 by

According to multiple sources, the Russian separatist “Commander Motorola” whose real name is Arseny Pavlov, has been reportedly spotted leading Russian forces in Syria.


Motorola, a Russian citizen, rose to infamy as a successful separatist commander of the “Sparta” battalion during Russia’s proxy siege in eastern Ukraine. It was said that he was a former soldier that was arrested for drunk driving, and volunteered to fight to avoid jail time.

Commander Motorola is wanted for war crimes by the Ukrainian government for allegedly personally executing Ukrainian troops.


He had a high-profile celebrity-esque wedding during his time with the Sparta battalion, and was made popular on Funker530 for his extreme grenade launcher prank, in which he sent dozens of high explosive grenades on to one of his own outposts as a practical joke.


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