Iraq Deployment Video Nothing but Explosions and Door Kicks

first published on February 27, 2019 by

The deployment video created by the 5th Special Forces Group during the Iraq war is nothing but door kicks and explosions.


During the earlier stages of the second Iraq War, areas like Sadr City in Baghdad required members of the Special Forces community to conduct non-stop midnight raids on high value targets. These high value targets were often deep within insurgent controlled territory, where they thought they were safe from the Americans due to their extensive control of the areas and their close proximity to civilians. They were wrong.

While their proximity to civilians did make it often impossible for the Americans to simply drop high explosive ordinance on them from the air, their relative control of the areas did not stop the Americans from diving into their territory to pull them out like the ticks that they were. These high value targets were often mid to high level leadership within insurgent factions that were rising at the time. In order to stop the growth of these insurgent groups, the American Special Operations community dove into these areas head first to capture or kill the high value targets within.

The video you are about to watch was recorded by the 5th Special Forces Group over the course of many raids and high profile attacks into these insurgent controlled areas. The entire video is full of chaos, close quarters battle, explosions, and doors being kicked in.


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