An Intense Look At North Korea’s Military Strength

first published on October 4, 2017 by

With 1.1 million people serving in the armed forces, North Korea has the fourth-largest military in the world. Yet, the size of their military may be quadrupling based on statements from the rogue state after recent sanctions.


Regardless, if a conflict broke out, North Korea has over 10 million able-bodied citizens that would be drafted into service. Their current military boasts 1,000 aircraft and nearly 20,000 tanks, armored fighting vehicles, and self propelled rocket systems. Their Navy may not have any aircraft carriers, yet they do have 11 frigates and 76 submarines. To support this fighting force, they also have an available labor force of 11 million people who have already proven they will allow themselves to be worked to death without batting an eye.

Undoubtedly, the West would crush Un’s forces into dust, as we have been licking our chops for a conventional war for a long time. However, the cost of that victory may be great.