Nigerian Soldier Engages Boko Haram Terrorist Hand To Hand

first published on April 12, 2016 by

A Nigerian soldier’s team is overwhelmed and overran. As he tries to escape, he is ran down. Instead of rolling over to die, he fights for his life.

A Boko Haram propaganda release shows the pursuit of a Nigerian soldier whose unit was just overran. Out of ammunition, the soldier sprints in an attempt to escape. He is ran down by a member of the terrorist organization, and tackled to the ground.

Instead of being captured, and taken prisoner, this Nigerian soldier does what any sensible person should. He fights for his life. He already knows what will happen to him if he is captured, so instead he engages the Boko fighter in hand to hand combat.

After a brief altercation, the soldier manages to break free. He immediately begins to sprint to safety again, while the stunned Boko fighter bends over at the waist, either gassed from the fight, or dying from an unseen knife wound.

Note: Really bad sound effects and music warning.


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