NFL Must Repay Taxpayers After Purchased Patriotism Scandal

first published on May 19, 2016 by

The NFL is being forced to pay back some of the $7-9 million the Defense department paid to professional football teams to put on displays of patriotism in order to drive recruiting. The compensation will only be $723,734, a fraction of the money they received.


The acts of “paid patriotism” included things like canned post-deployment family reunions and featuring uniformed troops on the Jumbotron. The fake “honoring of our troops” became an issue because the National Football League never disclosed that such acts were a paid advertisement, rather than a genuine acknowledgement of those that serve our country.

The five football teams that received the most were: 1. Atlanta Falcons 2. New England Patriots 3. Buffalo Bills 4. Baltimore Ravens 5. New Orleans Saints


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